R & D 

All products carrying the Konstar brand name are original design products from our own design center located in Hong Kong.  Our team included over 40 experienced product designers, engineers and technicians.  Innovative new designs are engineered to achieve high standards in functionality before prototype testing, mould making and production. With state of the art computer software and advanced machinery from Japan and Europe, we make our own moulds with high precision and meticulous care in order to ensure that our products will be of the highest quality.


Design and Engineering Department - Over 40 testing equipment, includes life and function test, dishwasher test, etc.  Mould Making Department – Over 40 sets of CNC machines, prototype machines, cutting machines, electrical sparkle machines, milling machines, lathes, grinders, etc.  Plastic Injection Department – Over 60 machines of various sizes ranging from 90 tons to 450 tons with injection weight ranging from 6 to 51 oz, installed with automation robot arms.


Our factory is located in Dongguan, China. It occupies an area of approximately 32,000 square meters and employs about 600 workers.  The factory is equipped with advanced mould making machines and plastic injection machines of various sizes. Continuous supply of electricity is assured by our own automatic power generating equipment. Our assembly lines are highly efficient and are staffed by well-trained workers. Strict quality control is implemented throughout to ensure high standards in product quality.


Konstar’s product line Includes: slicer & grater, chopper & mixer, mincer & juicer, mill & grinder, salad spinner, fast peeler, kitchen accessories and household products. Our products are protected by worldwide patent, and comply with European and USA food contact safety standards.

Konstar” become a leading brand of kitchenware products well known for her innovative design and product quality. Our products are used by home-makers and professional chefs around the world for over 30 years. We emphasize on product features and pleasing design outlook has made food preparation in the kitchen fun and convenient.  Over the years, we have many signature products that are recognized and used by millions worldwide. 


We offer OEM/ODM/OPM (original patent manufacturing) services to our clients. We can turn our clients’ ideas on a rough piece of paper into products on the selling floor as quickly as six months.  Because of our experience in designing and engineering our own products, we understand our clients’ requirement well, and can save tremendous time, cost and energy during the development of the products. Our strengths are in design and engineering, mould making, plastic injection and quality control.


We market our products worldwide under the Konstar brand name. We also offer private labelling services to our customers. Exhibitions are important venues for us to showcase new and existing products to our customers. We participate in the Ambiente Frankfurt Fair in February, the Hong Kong Houseware Fair in April, and the Hong Kong Premium and Household Fair in October. We look forward to meeting you there.


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